Being Green

Being Green

Being Green is simply taking our responsibility seriously as a company in the design of our products, packaging and services. It is our duty to being a good steward of our natural resources.


Global Warming, Sustainable, Recyclable, Carbon footprint… these are not buzz words but rather scientific discussion because our consumption and waste impact our environment and the Earth’s atmosphere.

All lighting except LED are unsafe and hazardous even the highly popular CFL. Although CFL (the twisty fluorescents) is more energy efficient than its predecessors, you cannot simply toss them into the trash and forget about them. In fact those ordinary light bulbs, the ones you’ve been tossing into the trash every month for years, contain highly toxic gases. And while those light bulbs sit in a landfill, millions more broken, discarded bulbs join them and the mercury inside all of them slowly leaches into and poisons the soil.

All glass tubes with heated gasses to emit light have the warning “do not vacuum” (to reduce the long impact to the environment of the hazardous material especially in your home or workplace) or the warning “do not put broken light bulbs into the trash.” To be safe broken light bulbs must be contained in a plastic bag and taken to an authorized hazardous disposal outlet.

The most critical concern for the environment is all other lighting uses more energy than LED – typical 3 times as much. Inefficient conventional lighting consumes tremendous polluting energy sources, especially coal and fossil fuel conversion to electricity.

Although you have certainly been warned about the ill effects of things like global warming and ozone depletion perhaps you’ve never heard of the negative impact of mercury in our soil. Now that you know… you should do something about it. At enLux, we already are.


Unlike many of the big lighting companies who promise that they will do things in the future to help the environment, presently they continue to promote and sell CFL and other forms of conventional lighting for mass consumption. At enLux, we already do those things necessary to help the environment and then some.

For example, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation has mandated that electronics must significantly reduce hazardous substances. Many companies try and meet that directive, but at enLux, we have already exceeded it.

Our lighting product are California Title 24 energy compliant and California Title 22 hazardous waste compliant. You see, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t develop or offer any lighting options that contain damaging, polluting and hazardous chemicals. We are dedicated to sustainability and only develop environmentally friendly lighting options that preserve our earth and its resources!

SEE (Safe, Energy efficient, Economical)

enLux LED lights are environmentally safe. For a product to be truly environmentally safe, it must do nothing at all to harm the earth. Our LEDs certainly fit that bill. Our LED lights do not contain any mercury or other toxic substances which could pollute the soil. They are also 100% recyclable so they don’t end up in harmful landfills. Plus, they last years longer than incandescent bulbs so there’s a lot less waste.

Our innovative LED lights are also safe, thanks to our innovative aluminum cooling fins, our LED lights remain cool to the touch even after hours of operation so you won’t burn yourself as you would with a conventional incandescent bulb. Those same aluminum fins which house our LED lights are also indestructible – that means no more broken glass. Our LED lights are clearly the safe alternative.

The term energy-efficient is thrown around a lot these days, but in our case, it has significant meaning. The enLux LED lights are energy efficient and economical – using just a fraction of the electricity needed to power a conventional bulb – which saves you money on utility bills and reduces pollution.

Did you know that more than 30% of all energy consumption can be attributed to lighting? With that kind of impact on our available energy, it makes sense to try and find lighting alternatives that use less power. It’s a fact that LED lights are 2-10 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy co- sponsored a report* in which it theorized that by 2025, LED lighting could reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting by 50%. (* The Promise of Solid-State Lighting for General Illumination, Conclusions and Recommendations from OIDA Technology Roadmap. Co-sponsored by DOE (BTS) and OIDA 2001.)energy efficient and economical – using just a fraction of the electricity needed to power a conventional bulb – which saves you money on utility bills and reduces pollution.

At enLux we are dedicated to sustainability on every level. Sustainability as it applies to the lighting industry involves the consideration of all the impacts of lighting on the built environment. This means not only greater efficiency and longer life, but also the elimination of toxic waste and the reduction of overall energy consumption. All of these factors and many more contribute to the concept of sustainability. That’s why we only develop and bring to market technologically advanced products that are safe for our planet. We constantly strive to combine innovation and technology to develop socially meaningful products.

We’re green for good reason – because we want this amazing planet to be around for countless generations to come. We care deeply about the Earth and about your health and safety. Our LED lights may not single handedly save the planet, but they do make a sustainable and positive impact on the environment, and that’s what we’re all about.