Our green mission, developed and sustained by everyone at enLux Lighting, is much more than just a set of fluffy marketing words and vague promises. It is a mantra – backed up by our sincere pledge to protect, serve, and contribute our technology for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Simply stated, our vision at enLux is to design and manufacture LED products that are practical in installation yet easily quantifiable to our customers in energy saving costs. Whether you are leading a multi-location project or simply sourcing a solution for your small business, you can be certain that the products you are installing are RoHS Compliant and Energy Star approved.

In addition to meeting these industry standard directives, enLux is proud to say that we exceed industry norms by taking it upon ourselves to make our LED products California Title 22 & Title 24 Compliant. Unlike many of our competitors, enLux does not offer or develop lighting options that contain hazardous chemicals or that aim to only meet “minimum standards” of compliance in any category; much less in sustainability. We are devoted to our Green Initiative at ALL levels and are proud to only develop products that are of the utmost standards and quality.

In addition to our current green efforts, enLux is proud to support the proactive investment of resources into state-of-the-art research and manufacturing processes who’s primary focus is lighting carbon footprint reduction.

We are green for good reason – because we want this amazing planet to be around for countless generations to come. And while our LED lights may not single handedly save the planet, they do make a sustainable and positive impact in each business they are apart of, and that’s what we’re all about.