Retrofitting a Religious Building Using DL1e w/ Option A

The following steps were taken to retrofit these six recessed fixtures. We removed the lamp, trim/reflector and the recessed can which you see in the third photo. Remaining in the hole is a cylinder mounting bracket about 4” to 5” high and cannot be removed without extensive labor (Photo 4). We left the cylinder mounting bracket in place and installed a pair of custom “C” Clips engineered specifically for this style of retro. After disconnecting the ballast and attaching power to the junction box we installed enLux extra-long torsion springs (DL2S-TSL) to the DL2-TC-10 Flange Bracket then lifted the retrofit into position.

There were (12) 500w and (16) 300w halogen lights inside the sanctuary as well as (6) 175w MV lamps in the exterior retrofit. This brought the total watt usage to 6,000W, 4,800W, and 1,230W, respectively. Upon installation, these numbers were reduced to a total of 336W, 160W, and 60W, respectively.

The sanctuary now consumes less wattage in all 28 interior lights than it did previously with (1) 500W halogen lamp; bringing a 95% energy reduction. Now that is spectacular!

Material used in this install included our DL1e Series 2700K light module w/ Option A service, our DL2 10″ TC Clear Anodized trim, and our patened M-Spring Assy. To learn more about our DL1e Series light module, feel free to visit our DL1e Series product page.