DL2e-TC 42W Tapered Cone


The enLux DL2e-TC 42W LED Tapered Cone Down Light is ideal for retrofit in commercial buildings. Using only 42 watts of energy to produce 4300 useful lumens, it is more efficient than Metal Halide. Replaces 150-200 watts new Metal Halide or 200 - 300 watts old Metal Halide.


42 Watts Standard LED (de-rated wattage available)
80 degree beam
CRI > 82
4,285 - 4,660 Lumens
6 White Tones - 2700K / 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 4500K / 5000K
Four Trim Sizes to Fit 8”, 10”, 12, and 14
Mounts to Sheetrock or Drop Ceiling
120Vac or 277Vac Self Declared Line Voltage
IC Rated - Easy Junction Box installation
Phase Cut Dimmable
0-10V Dimming Option


5-year Warranty
50,000 hour life
Lightweight – compared with all other commercially produced LED down lights
Efficient thermal management has been incorporated into the tapered cone trim
Designed for indoor illuminating of commercial, hospitality and educational facilities.

ENERGY STAR certified for Commercial and Residential use.



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