Shriner's Hospital Retrofit Install in Springfield, MA

Thanks to the help of our distributor ION Lighting, enLux is happy to announce that its DL1e & DL2e Series downlights can now be found at Shriner’s Hospital in Springfield, MA!

Shriner’s is a leading healthcare facility offering pediatric care and services for children at cost efficient and financially sustainable options.

With this humble philosophy at the heart of their mission, the facilities department at Shriner’s decided it was time for a lighting upgrade of their 250W (interior) and 175W (exterior) Metal Halide fixtures which were under constant operation through the hospital’s 24/7 lighting cycle.

Of particular interest was the the old interior MH system which consisted of a 12” square aluminum frame held together by a set of nuts and screws, a Fresnel Optical Lens to diffuse the light, and a 250W MH lamp. Due to age and safety reasons, Shriner’s had also installed metal cages around each of the MH fixtures to prevent injury due to falling debris. This meant that any replacement would need to be able to provide a solution that fit the specs of the Fresnel Lens currently in place.

The only obstacle? Choosing a viable option that did not conform to the typical “cookie cutter” approach to design.

Many of today’s installers choose the simpler approach of placing a stamped piece of sheet metal across the old fixture’s aperture then covering up that unattractive sheet metal with a surface fixture of their choosing. The end result – while functional and cost effective, requires little creativity and destroys any hopes of maintaining the architectural integrity of the current design. A cookie cutter solution that Shriner’s was not at all about.

Sean Callahan, President at ION Lighting, quickly addressed Shriner’s concerns by reaching out to enLux for a customized solution.

After reviewing the specs of the current fixture setup, enLux engineers designed a custom made 14” TC trim that would fit the existing 10 15⁄16 trim and lens. All that was left to do was insert the new modified trim and enLux downlight, tighten down all corresponding screws, and voila! A newly assembled [energy efficient] fixture was ready to go in its place.

After install, the retrofit resulted in a reduction of 94% of the total wattage for each interior lobby fixture and 95% of the total wattage for each exterior fixture. What’s more is that the retrofit did not impose on the beautiful design aesthetic of Shriner’s Hospital. It worked with the design by providing a sleek, unobstructed view across the ceiling which fell in line with the original architecture of the hospital lobby.

Eldon Cody, Director of Marketing at enLux Lighting and the talented photographer behind these beautiful shots of Shriner’s, speaks on this balance between design and energy efficiency with the following:

“One of the key elements in this custom solution was that enLux was able to create an option that did not distort the architectural appearance of the original fixtures. Instead, we worked alongside the design and created something that both complimented the aesthetic and provided improved light quality overall”.

We wholeheartedly agree!

Shriner’s Hospital Lobby Application

Before Install

After Install

Shriner’s Hospital Exterior Application

Exterior Canopy After Install

East Walk Way After Install

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