WestFarms Mall Lighting Upgrade

enLux is happy to announce its premier Energy Star approved commercial downlight fixtures can now be found at WestFarms Mall; an upscale shopping center in CT featuring more than 160 retail stores and restaurants!

As the premier shopping mall option for Farmington & West Hartford CT, WestFarms looked to find a more energy efficient lighting option to better serve its 160+ and growing retail client base.

Before install, the shopping center’s lighting system consisted of a mix between Metal-Halide and Compact Fluorescent light bulbs; all operating for approximately 14hrs per day in its 1,271,000 sq. ft property.

In search of a greener option, the corporate lighting team at WestFarms ran a series of sample tests to find a solution that provided superior light quality without compromise to the beautiful aesthetic that WestFarms retail spaces are known for.

Cue in enLux Lighting!

enLux worked with its stocking distributor D&M Manson Brothers to recommend our DL1 & DL2 Series downlight fixtures for the varying ceiling heights within the shopping center. The end result would mean an energy savings of 216,800 kWh per year for WestFarms.

But this was no easy feat! As with any large project, unforeseen obstacles are bound to arise and the WestFarms mall lighting project was no exception.

When CCMS Lighting Inc. began the initial retrofit, they noticed that the ceiling area near the aperture was significantly damaged from previous fixture changes and that the trim would not be able to cover the damaged areas; a common theme in many commercial ceilings.

The challenge to solve this dilemma ended up being no challenge at all as enLux engineers its downlight fixtures with many of these common obstacles in mind.

Here’s how:

Unlike many commercial downlight competitors in the market who engineer a one-piece molded fixture, the engineers at enLux designed a three-unit modular system consisting of a trim, light engine, and mounting hardware (springs) that allows for complete interchangeability in each particular project enLux is being applied to.

With the WestFarms mall application, enLux was quickly able to replace the 8″ TC trims with a 10″ TC trim and avoid any delay in install. This action negated any use for untimely patching and painting which would have resulted in additional costs and delays for the customer.

The end result was an estimated savings of $35,800 per year with no reported failures to date.

Full project details:

  • 326 Downlight Kits Installed (mixture of DL1 Series and DL2 Series Downlights)
    • DL1 Series (10w) used to replace 32w 4-Pin CF Lamps at 10’ ceiling height within office environments
    • DL2 Series (De-rated to 19w) used to replace 150w MH at 18’-25’ ceiling heights throughout mall
  • October 2016 installation date
  • Estimated monetary savings per year –> $35,800
  • Estimated energy savings per year –> 216,800 kWh

Distributor Contact Information:

  • Company: D&M Manson Brothers *stocking distributor*
  • Contact: Jim Gaydos
  • Phone: (203) 381-9303

Project Installer Information:

  • ELCON/CCMS Lighting, Inc.
  • Contact: Gary Shanahan