Have you heard about Human Centric Lighting?

enLux Lighting Commercial LED Downlight Manufacturer Example 1 of Human Centric Lighting in Office Application

If you’ve stayed up to date on enLux’s Recent News posts, you may have read our article several months back discussing the many beneficial properties associated with having a kelvin ambiance that is catered to a user’s natural Circadian Clock.

If you are not familiar with the term, we recommend you giving our post a read as there are many exciting details that we believe will soon become the norm in the commercial lighting industry. See the post here.

Well, fast forward to now and enLux is happy to announce that this same exciting technology discussed several months back is now a part of our line of commercial grade downlights.

The name for this new and exciting product? DL2c Series. Here’s why:

enLux’s new DL2c downlights come equipped with all the benefits our customers have come to appreciate of our standard DL2e 28W & 42W Series downlights, but now with Circadian Lighting controls via two 0-10V dimming inputs.

Users of the DL2c Series product line will now be able to tune the CCT level of their fixture from a warm 2700K to a more alert and cool 6500K; all via easy to use wall mounted slider controls.

This type of personalized approach to light is what allows for the various ambiances in the graphics shown. Need your employees alert during the early hours of the day but ready for a restful night’s sleep just before closing hours?

Tune the CCT levels in your enLux DL2c Series Downlights to work with your employees natural circadian clocks as opposed to against them.

The end result of having such personalized CCT levels, particularly in workspace environments, has gotten the attention of a diverse group of industries and we are excited to be a part of this new trend in LED technology!

Contact your local enLux distributor or give us a call to request pricing on the DL2c Series downlight.

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