DL2c 28W Circadian Integrated Downlight

enLux’s DL2c 28W Circadian Integrated Downlight comes equipped with all the benefits our customers have come to appreciate of our standard DL2e 28W Series downlight (120v/277v Self-Declared Voltage, Diverse Trim Size and Color Options, and Industry Best Lumen Outputs) but now with a new and exciting feature that has been taking the commercial lighting industry by storm – Circadian Lighting Controls.

What are Circadian Lighting Controls and how do they translate into quantifiable results for your end customer? Let’s discuss:

Circadian Lighting is an industry term used to describe a lighting fixture that can produce a wide range of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Light Levels at the user’s discretion.

With enLux’s DL2c 28W Circadian Integrated Downlight, users can tune the CCT level of their fixture from a warm 2700K to a more alert and cool 6500K; all via easy to use wall mounted slider controls.

This type of personalized approach to light is what allows for the various ambiances in the graphics shown. Need your employees alert during the early hours of the day but ready for a restful night’s sleep just before closing hours?

Tune the CCT levels in your enLux DL2c 28W downlights to work with your employees natural circadian clocks as opposed to against them.

The end result of having such personalized CCT levels, particularly in workspace environments, has gotten the attention of a diverse group of industries, including (but not limited to), Hospitals, Fire Stations, Elderly Care Facilies, Hotel Chains, Universities, and more.

For more information on the science behind this technology as well as several case studies showing real world quantifiable results, feel free to read our article “A Layman’s Approach to Human Centric Lighting“.

Key Features:
  • 120V/277Vac Self-Declared Voltage
  • 2700K to 6500K Tunable CCT Levels
  • California Title 24 & Title 22 Compliant
  • 50,000 Hours Rated Life
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • IC Rated