JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort Retrofit Install

Thanks to the fantastic retrofit install done by our stocking distributor ECS Arizona, enLux is happy to announce that it’s DL2e Series commercial grade downlight fixtures can now be found inside the Grand Saguaro Ballroom of the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, AZ.

Known for its award-winning resort landscape and vast conference room options, the JW Marriott was looking for a solution that would solve the inefficiencies of its Compact Fluorescent lighting system without causing a disturbance on the professional setting Marriott guests have long expected from the resort.

At its previous state, the 8-year-old lighting inside the Grand Saguaro Ballroom included (2) 42W 4-Pin Compact Fluorescent lamps and (2) Lutron 3-wire dimmable ballasts for each of its (452) cans; bringing the average energy consumption of each fixture to about 92W. This in itself made the idea of an LED lighting upgrade a feasible option for the resort but – it was not the only contributing factor.

The CFL lamps required constant system maintenance by the facilities department and would fail regularly. What’s more is that, upon failing, the CFL lamps would begin to flash rather than just go out; causing the facilities staff to have to enter during events to change out the lamps in order to get the flashing to stop; a huge and unnecessary inconvenience for any events currently in progress.

Karl Justin, Certified Energy Manager & President of ECS Arizona, sat down with JW Marriott and explained the many benefits that an enLux LED upgrade would provide. Among them, a quick turnaround on ballroom completion since most of the downlights would be retrofitted into drop ceilings as well as a significant increase in energy cost savings that would be evident throughout the lifespan of the new enLux fixtures.

After thoughtful deliberation, JW Marriott awarded ECS Arizona the project and ECS got to work! The team completed the retrofit install in January 2015 using (452) DL2e 42W engines and Deep Cone trims + a Lutron lighting control system to control the dimming of the downlights via forward phase dimming. As of date, there have been zero fixture outages since completion of the install and an average of 55% in energy reduction with nothing but rave reviews from our distributor and end customer.

“Using Enlux 42W downlights for this project enabled us to deliver a reliable solution for our customer. This new LED lighting system has performed for almost (5) years without any failures and eliminated facility emergency lighting services 100%. In addition to the reliability of the lighting installation, ECS Arizona was able to deliver an increase of illumination by almost 80% compared to the original lighting system”, Karl states.

Great work ECS Arizona!

      Full project details:

      • Before Upgrade: (452) 92W CFL Dimmable Recessed Luminaires
      • After Upgrade: (452) DL2e 42W Series Downlight Kits
      • January 2015 Installation Date

      Distributor/Installer Contact Information:

      • Company: ECS Arizona *stocking distributor*
      • Contact: Karl Justin, Designer/Auditor/Certified Energy Manager
      • Phone: (623) 251-6065

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