enLux Custom Square Trims for Big Y Shopping Center Provide Quick & Efficient LED Retrofit Solution

The Big Y Shopping Center in Stafford Springs, CT was a peculiar retrofit project in that it required personalized attention to each subsection of the large 6,640 sq. ft. location.

To explain, the location was designed as a (3) subsection half moon shopping center with a hardware store anchoring the left end, various small business shops centered in the middle, and the Big Y grocery store anchored on the right.

The peculiarity of it came in that each of these 3 subsections came with its own set of electrical fixtures. For instance, the left end housed (19) 175W Metal Halide Recessed Fixtures on 8ft centers, the center section had (20) T8 Strip Lamps with an average length of about 8ft each, and the right section containing the actual Big Y Grocery Store had (13) 175W Round Metal Halide Recessed Fixtures placed throughout the outside entrance of the store to allow for illumination of the bottle room entry way and various sale floor items on the entry way sidewalk.

Overall wattage consumption for the three subsections before the upgrade to enLux totaled an average of 8,480 input watts. After the retrofit install, the upgrade to enLux reduced this number to an average of 924 input watts. This meant a 90%+ reduction in total energy costs by switching to enLux. Here’s how enLux, alongside its distributor (D&M Manson Brothers) and contractor (EarthLight Technologies), were able to deliver such astronomical savings:

Left Section of Property:

(10) enLux DL2e 28W 3500K light modules w/ custom square trims were placed alongside the left canopy.

Center Section of Property:

(10) DL2e 28W 3500K light modules w/ 10″ TC white round trims were placed alongside the center canopy.

Right Section of Property:

(13) DL2e 28W 3500K light modules w/ 10″ TC white round trims were placed alongside the right canopy.

Aside from the huge energy savings received from the upgrade, the new enLux fixtures reduced long term maintenance costs and increased light distribution along the store walls which gave way for essential 3-4ft. side light to the outside pedestrian walkway adjacent to the shopping center fire lane. All this, with zero sacrifice to the current illumination or architectural aesthetic of the property.


Distributor Contact Information:

  • Company: D&M Manson Brothers *stocking distributor*
  • Contact: Jim Gaydos
  • Phone: (203) 381-9303

Project Installer Information:

  • Earthlight Technologies, Inc.
  • Contact: Marc Riel
  • Phone: (860) 871-9700