Retrofitting Exterior of Sacred Heart Church in Southbury, CT

When investigating any retrofit opportunity, the team at enLux takes several procedural steps to thoroughly investigate the current fixture setup and the manner in which each is held in place before offering any recommendations. This personalized approach is key to combating any difficulties that may arise before they even have time to become a problem and the retrofit application at Sacred Heart Church in Southbury, CT was no exception.

Under normal conditions, when a lighting fixture is removed from a hard ceiling, you are left with an open aperture with no obstructions or barriers and can use standard springs to hold the new downlight fixture in place with ease.

At Sacred Heart Church, when the lighting fixture was removed, a 5” tall metal support ring remained permanently in place inside the aperture; blocking any possibility of installing new lighting fixtures using standard industry hardware. What’s more is that the metal support ring was also so securely attached to the aperture that, any attempt to remove it, would likely result in damage to the aperture and/or the surrounding ceilings.

This created an obstacle for the church that was currently equipped with an exterior soffit light consisting of a 175W metal halide lamp, reflector, metal can, and metal support ring affixed to the 10” aperture in a hard ceiling.

When contractors encounter difficult scenarios such as this one at Sacred Heart Church, it is often much easier to dismiss the problem rather than attack it head on. Thankfully at enLux, we always work to find the best possible alternative.

enLux provided custom engineered “C” clips to be installed into each side of the aperture’s remaining metal support ring; thus allowing the use of enLux Torsion Springs to hold the light fixture firmly in place without any damage to the surrounding areas. The end result was a beautifully retrofitted application with zero compromise to the historic nature of the building.

Below are several photos that show the retrofit experience and how enLux, alongside its distributor D&M Manson Brothers, quite easily solved the install.

enLux Lighting Commercial Downlight Provider Sacred Heart Church Retrofit Exterior Column
View of fixture before removal of reflector and lamp.
enLux Lighting Commercial Downlight Provider Sacred Heart Church Retrofit Can Held in Cylinder
View without reflector and lamp showing deep metail can, socket, and 3 screws holding can in place.
enLux Lighting Commercial Downlight Provider Sacred Heart Church Retrofit Soffit Removing Can
Contractor removing the can to begin install.
enLux Lighting Commercial Downlight Provider Sacred Heart Church Retrofit Soffit Cylinder Wall
View of bare aperture once can has been removed. Metal ring remains firmly in place in aperture interior as it could not easily be removed.
enLux Lighting Commercial Downlight Provider Sacred Heart Church Retrofit DL2 TSL Springs
View of enLux solution showing 2 custom "c" clips to interior of aperture's metal ring along with torsion springs attached to fixture's flange.

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Full list of materials:

  •  DL2e 28W 4000K Light Module
  • White 10″ Tapered Cone Trim
  • Torsion Springs
  • Custom “C” Clips

Distributor Contact Information:

  • Company: D & M Manson Brothers *stocking distributor*
  • Contact: Jim Gaydos
  • Phone: (203) 381-9303