Our Products

At enLux, we’ve engineered the most versatile and easy to install LED luminaires on the market by designing our products with the end customer in mind.

With two lines of Energy Star certified products, we offer flexibility for customers across a span of multiple industries and applications including hospitals, such as Children’s Hospital Hartford, Hospital for Special Care New Britian, TF Green Airport, educational facilities such as MIT, Harvard, Wesleyan and specialty firms such as Foxwoods Casino, shopping malls, national grocery chain (83 Wegmans), federal agencies, churches and entertainment venues.

In addition to the long standing trust we’ve earned from our loyal customer base, we take pride in showing users the hard work and dedication that our engineers strive for when creating enLux products.

Here are just a few of the many reasons enLux stands in a category on its own:

  • We are the first manufacturer to produce a patented recessed LED luminaire capable of phase cut dimming for both 120v and 277v and offer uniqueness in that each of our fixtures come equipped with their own junction box; making them so universal that they can be used in any retrofit or new construction application without the need for pre-positioned mounting hardware.
  • While there are over 6,000 qualified downlights on the Energy Star list of approved products, only the best such as enLux can boast about a 110lm/w efficacy.
  • When you purchase an enLux product, you are investing in a product that was designed for long life.
    • At 25°C ambient temperature, our downlights offer an industry low junction temperature of just 42.8°C. This is an industry low junction temperature  that no other downlight manufacturer can offer and it equates to a longer lasting fixture due to the extremely slow degradation of the emitter.
    • Since our heat sinks are designed to remove heat (not retain it), we use only the finest quality materials in all of our products with the junction box (99.5%), trim (99.7%), and heat sink (99.5%) all constructed of nearly pure aluminum material. Many downlight manufacturers use the lower cost alternative of cast aluminum for the sole purpose of reducing cost and since cast aluminum [which contains many impurities] has half the cooling efficiency of pure aluminum, the end result is a product with subpar performance and subpar longevity.
  • Our versatility speaks for itself through the many applications enLux has been a part of. Customers need a fixture that can perform as well at 8ft. or lower as they do at 12ft., and enLux has the performance to excel in either region due to our TC trim beam spread of 100°. No more hot or cold spots as enLux trims allow for an extremely well defined spread of light.